We believe that most people would love to make a positive change in the world, but often don’t know how, where, and when to start.

seepeople. is a not-for-profit that connects people – and the organizations they work for – with purpose. Because everyone can make a difference.

Our approach is to start by listening to what drives people, learning from these insights and linking people to initiatives and projects that suit their skills and interests.

Our core values

We are:

  • positive – we strongly believe that most people love to make a difference
  • connected – we bring people together
  • engaged – we don’t accept ignorance
  • equal – we strive for inclusive societies
  • optimistic – we believe that people do not only love to make a difference but also can make a change

Our people

Boudewijn Bugter,
Customer Revolution

Marit Klooster,
Ruigrok Netpanel

Marnix Geus,

Joukje Boeder,

Raoul Oei,
Creative strategist

Roos Meijer,

Yvette Huitema,

Ingrid Tappin,
Strategic advisor