We listen

We believe social responsibility starts by looking at the true power of your organisation: your people. Through our Do-Good Profiler you find out what drives them to make a social impact, what field they are most interested in and, last but not least, how they think your company can and should play a role in this.

We learn

The results of our Do-Good Profiler give you insight into what is already ingrained in the DNA of your company. This is the first step towards a truly impactful CSR strategy for your company, revisiting current practices and formulating new approaches.

We link

Time for action! We help you to put your learning into action by connecting you to the best players in the field of social impact, or consultancy agencies that will truly help you to move forward. Because impact isn’t made by talking but by doing!

In the media

Our project also got featured on Baaz.nl, Het Ondernemersbelang and Duurzaam Ondernemen.

Do-Good Profiler

Business is changing. Companies are starting to realize their responsibility and capability to make a positive impact, both in the social and environmental domain. But making that change is easier said than done – where to start? Luckily, we have designed a tool for you to start from where it matters most: your people.

The Do-Good Profiler gives insight into what drives your employees when it comes to making an impact – what matters to them the most, how active they are already, and how they would like the company to be involved.

Using their motivation as a starting point, you can develop or revisit a strategy that is felt and upheld throughout your entire organisation.

Our Do-Good Profiler was developed together with Customer Revolution, Ruigrok Netpanel and Respondenten.nl.